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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  September 5, 2010 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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time flew buy. here'sto 40 more. >> we is the great show from>> m vegas. bill clinton is going to be with us. us. mr. president. hey, what's going on, governor. >> not much. glad you are going to be here. >> yeah, about that's correct i'm not going to be able to make it. >> what? >> yeah, i have something else going on. >> okay. allay, right. let me try. let's get.we we also have donald trump lined up. make sure he's still -- hello, donald. >> hey, governor, how's it it going? guess what, not going to be able to make it in today. having a little bit of a bad hair day. >> what? well, thanks. right. dr. phil is another one of our guests today. let me get him, make sure he's
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going to be here. hey, dr. phil, mike huckabee. i want to confirm you are going to be with us in vegas today. >> ar hey, mike, what's going o? about that, i was going to try to be there, but something camei up and i guess there's a littlee bit of a problem. it's keeping >> doctor, america wants to see your medical license. [screaming] >> i guess dr. phil is out. i know who will be available for us. he always comes through for me. robin leach will come through for me. robin. >> governor, i'm here for you. we are always here for you. >> oh, we can have a show! how. >> announcer: from las vegas, nevada, the entertainment capital of the world. it is a special edition of huckabee. >> hi, i'm robin leech. [ applause ] >> welcome to las vegas. the venetian is proud to host
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a special huckabee, vegas fights back. i'm thrilled to introduce him. ladies and gentlemen, the governor, mike huckabee! [ applause ] >> mike: thank you! thank you very much for being here today! what a great crowd! [ cheering ] >> mike: okay, you're gonna take up the whole show clapping. tonight we've got a great show. comedian and impersonator frank cal dough. chairman and ceo of the venetian, nevada governor gibbons. the cast of jersey boys and mr. las vegas himself, wayne newton, all on our show here today. [ applause ]
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>> mike: i want you to know that i came to las vegas with a $20 bill and the 10 commandments and i don't plan to break either one of them. it is interesting, people are asking why are we doing this show in las vegas for heaven's sakes? i don't drink and i don't gamble. so why am i doing the show here? there are a lot of cities across the world that are the centers of something. for example, when we think of the center the epicenter of movies, we think of hollywood. epicenter of finance, new york. when we think about the epicenter of government, what do we think about? washington or disneyland east as we like to call it. when you think about the epicenter of live entertainment, it is las vegas. this is where there is more amazing live entertainment in a concentrated space than
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anywhere on the face of the planet. [ applause ] >> mike: many of you know that over the past few months the president of the united states has attacked las vegas, not once, but twice. he's encouraged people not to come here. [ booing ] >> mike: obviously he's not popular with this crowd. have you ever thought about when the convention business and the conference business and the tourism business gets hurt in vegas. you know who really gets hurt? you think it is the people who are rich? no, no. the people who make beds. the people who serve food. the people who drive cabs. the very people that i thought the president was supposed to be fighting for. instead he's fighting them by asking people not to come and make it possible to have this incredible hospitality industry. on this show, we're gonna let you knee vegas isn't sitting
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back and -- let you know that vegas isn't sitting back and taking it. they're fighting back. [ applause ] >> mike: to get us started i want to introduce to you one of the funniest people i've ever met, ladies and gentlemen the headliner from the monty car low resort, frank caliendo! [ applause ] >> i was watching president obama the other day, i realized man do i miss president bush. [ cheering ] >> relax it is not a town hall meeting. i miss having a president who seemed like he was always looking directly into the sun. every time you see george bush he had this look on his face. just waiting for him to go, somebody hand me a pair of sunglasses. somebody get me a visor.
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sir, i think you mean adviser? no a visor. remember that look he would give you like you were the one who said something ridiculous? he would get to the end of the sentence he wouldn't think of the last word and would you find yourself rooting for him. it would be like a scene from water boy, it was like you can do it! you wanted him to get there so bad. talking about something serious like the terrorists. you guys are, you guys are, you guys are bad. [ laughing ] >> he had two choices bad and not good, i'm sorry. that took too long. we are divided. i've seen this all the time. during the election, what if hillary clinton would have been elected. if hillary clinton would have been elected president that would have been the easiest thing on earth. that would have been i am back and there will be no rules. think about it.
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you would have heard things like first lady, yes please. second lady, why not! third lady, bring them on, hey! can you imagine the news stories, they were unable to find the first gentleman again today. that's cause they didn't check the hot tub. the government makes me laugh, remember the story seven, eight months ago, two women from the united states got captured in north korea. they were two beautiful women. what is our rescue women in the united states. we send bill clinton on a private plane to go save 'em. guys i'm not even to the joke part yet. we are still in the knock-knock portion this is a question i have how old do you think it took to talk clinton into that deal? mr. clinton we have two women -- i'm on my way. we didn't say what we needed you to do yet. oh yes you did. you've been working on president obama, you have that one down? i don't have the voice down
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yet, mostly my physical resemblance. those of you who are visually impaired it is like carpenter from south park. i've listened to the phrases that he starts with. he begins sentences with the words look or here's the deal. those are the two two look and here's the deal. if he says both he thinks it is pretty upon and it is probably going to cost you a couple of bucks. this is the other one to listen for. let me be clear. when he says that he's going to caning your mine. he's the great communicator. that's what they say he can change people's minds whether you believe in the stuff or not that's not what we are here to talk about, the governor will go into that let me be clear when he goes that he's going to change your mind that's why i think he's a jedi. if he says let me be clear. he's going to same thing you said but better and bingo you're on his side. somebody said mr. president that failed. i don't see it as failure just
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as a permanent lack of success. one of these, a little green guy like -- right you are obama one. it is the case dense. he talks slow at the beginning and speeds up at the end. great with a number like 867-4309. that's jenny's number. you bet it is. thank you guy's very much. [ applause ] >> announcer: coming up frank with the governor.
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>> mike: who is the easiest person that you do? >> well, i mean you work at it. leno was easy. he's the only guy who could have a bobblehead named on his actual head. i said that to on his show one
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time because i wasn't thinking. he got me back. they showed me and my wife 96 million people watching every guy i know texted me with the same thing, dude your wife is hot. who is that fat guy sitting next to you? >> mike: who the hardest guy? >> president obama is difficult. getting that let me be clear. that's a big thing in the cadence it is not that hard. it is just not as easy as i thought it would be. >> mike: what do you do different in your show than people have seen if they've seen you somewhere else? >> i met a friend of mine who became a friend at a corporate show here in las vegas a couple years ago. we became friends. he working in front of the monty car low, one of these guys.
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-- monte car low, one of these guys. what was the question? >> mike: with what is different about your show at the monte carlo? >> the governor, on youtube, okay. [ applause ] >> mike: you ought to see him when he drinks caffeinated coffee. >> we have a band i do some singing, john madden singing unfarve get able. >> mike: somebody that you have done many times, tiger woods. which would like to know what charles barkley might say to tiger. they spent a lot of time out here in vegas. >> think about what you did, a little bit of a knucklehead. . when tiger said he was -- hold
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on i'm trying to head it myself which the real charles would not do. try to remember the joke it is not coming to me. here's the joke right here, he went off -- i love tangerines they are my favorite fruit. tiger woods said he was going to play a round of vegas it had nothing to do with golf >> mike: frank caliendo, everybody! [ applause ] >> announcer: next, the man who changed the way casinos do
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>> mike: please welcome our host chair chance and chief executive officer of the las vegas sands corporation, sheldon adelson. it is great to have you here, thank you very much. [ applause ] >> mike: let me begin by asking you, what has changed in las vegas over the last 20, 30 years? >> i put on about 10 pounds. >> mike: you are going to be head lining our own show if you keep that out. >> i'm bucking to get an interview. in my own place i can interview myself. >> mike: you can always get a room at the venetian, can't you? >> no, i get a suite. >> mike: i get a room, you get a suite. can i borrow it? >> sure. >> mike: you heard that what has changed in term of focus, emphasis what is different about las vegas that people might be surprised to learn? >> las vegas has become a city
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of integrated resorts. there are so many amenities that a single property is offering, like we've coined the term, i stole it i plagiarized it from singapore. we have everything, we have exhibition space, convention space, show rooms, we have four show rooms on this property. four. i had to use my fingers. it has become a series of integrated resorts. focus more on convention and group market than on the former casino centristy of the way las vegas was operated. when las vegas was first started the legitimized i will legit miss business. we know the story about bugsy siegel and the movie. they legitimized gambling. today we call it gaming.
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because that gets confused my 13-year-old kid who plays games on the tv, playstation or something, x-box, of course i don't even know how to turn it on that is too technical for me. i'm lead to believe that we have something to do with it. >> mike: had you an idea, a number of years ago, were you one of the visionaries to see las vegas as not just a place for gaming but for conventions and conferences. that was the genesis of a >> it segued from focus on and concentration on casinos-only. to today, las vegas visitors convention authority pulled a survey that said only 14% of the people who come to las vegas come for gambling. >> mike: 14% that would be a
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shock to most people. >> sure. when i run across people all over the world, they say i've never been to vegas. i say how come? they say i don't gamble. 86% of the people, besides the locals -- are here in las vegas for something other than gaming. >> mike: i was saying at the beginning of the show. i don't gamble. vegas is an incredibly fun place to come, walking distance from wherever you stay you can see the most phenomenal shows in the world in one city. in a relatively concentrated area. it is incredible. live entertainment is unsurpassed here in every kind of way. >> right. we have a -- first of all las vegas is great for groups. it is the best for groups, because it is the most cost efficient and the most -- it has the greatest infrastructure like our property here we have 330 meeting rooms. it is the largest meeting complex in the worm.
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>> mike: how many square feet in the whole complex that the venetian has? >> i'm not conting but it is 18 1/2 million square feet. >> mike: largest hotel in the world? >> >> you know how big that is? >> mike: it's big. >> very. >> mike: almost as big as the federal deficit. nothing's that big. nothing's that big. [ applause ] >> unfortunately, you are not running and not getting bailed out by washington, are you? >> i don't need bailing out. i need a vacation. las vegas has -- there are 40,000 rooms within a 10 minute walk. you can step out the front of this property and walk to 40,000 rooms within 10 minutes. no other city in the world. most cities in the world don't even have 40,000 rooms except
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orlando, new york, i'm not even sure about new york. whatever, so maybe paris, it's -- it has the basic infrastructure for groups. it has the service attitude thank you other people don't have. and of course this is the only hotel on the strip that is nonunion. [ applause ] >> mike: you mentioned the service personnel. one of the things that always impresses me i think this city has the greatest concentration of people in the hospitality business who understand service. from drivers to food servers. every person i encounter in any of the properties, i am amazed at how helpful, friendly, courteous and grateful they are, for the business. and i that i means something. >> aren't you saying -- aren't you staying only at7écuxr" thd
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palaazo. >> mike: especially. >> because we are nonunion. and people get it. >> mike: they lost last night. >> that can happen. it happens to the best of us. actually, when employees get rewarded based upon, promoted not based upon just pure seniority, they get rewarded based upon the merit. the kind of job they do. i'm not plugging us, but i am plugging us. i don't mean to, but i can't help it, it is a natural thing. our employees here are the people tell me our employees are the nicest, most helpful, the most courteous of any employees in the entire las vegas. >> mike: they've been wonderful to us. it has been a privilege and a joy for us to be here. i want to say thank you. i think could you play any of
11:26 pm
your rooms, film it up and get repeat engagements, any time you want. >> yeah, well it is great to be here. then again, everybody has to be somewhere. [ laughing [ >> i'd rather be here. hike hike ladies and gentlemen, sheldon adelson, ceo. we'll be right back with much more. [ male announcer ] millions of men 45 and older just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them? remember when you had more energy for 18 holes with your buddies?
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♪ hah
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>> i'm mary an halferty. fighting is not over to iraq. american forces coming to the aid second time in a few weeks. dozens of people killed by suicide bombers. it was the first fire fight for u.s. troops since the end of combat operations a week ago. no americans were injured. in new zealand a rain falling on a church caused flooding
11:30 pm
concerns after the powerful earthquake. army troops ever securing the city and they are blocking access to the businesses. a state of emergency extended there for another two days. 1.1 magnitude quake destroyed at least 500 buildings and cut off fire to the region. 40 aftershocks followed the quake. no one was killed. i'm mary ann rafferty. now back to huckabee. >> mike: las vegas casinos bring in 50 billion dollars and nearly 40 million visitors right here every year. the finest hotels, restaurants and stores make this city a must place to visit. in 2008 the economy took a nose dive. and las vegas took a huge blow to the tune of about six billion dollars. >> the president: you are not going to be able to give out these big bonuses until you pay taxpayers back. you can't get corporate jets.
11:31 pm
you can't go take a trip to las vegas or go down to the super bowl on the taxpayers' dime. >> mike: joining frank caliendo and me are the governor of las vegas, jim gibbons and mr. las vegas himself, wayne newton. [ applause ] >> mike: wayne, when people think of las vegas, they think of wayne newton you have been entertaining in this city for many years. when the president made the comments about, don't go to vegas, did you take that a little personally? >> of course i took it personal. i think it was the most irresponsible, arrogant thing i have ever heard a president of the united states say. [ applause ]
11:32 pm
>> mike: -- >> can i ask? >> how do you really feel? whoa, newton, down big boy! >> mike: governor, you saw the revenues of the state, did it have an impact and if so, to what level? >> there's no doubt that the people of las vegas, the city of las vegas were severely hurt by the president's remarks. about 400 conventions, business meetings were cancelled because of his remarks. 100 million dollars was lost by the community at that remark. people lost their jobs. this city took a real blow when the president made that remark. he was wrong then. and then he said it again. and i don't understand why he keeps picking on las vegas. >> may i jump in there? >> certainly. >> he was not so incensed with las vegas that he he didn't
11:33 pm
decide to come here and do two fundraiser. >> he can come to take our own but can't come to let people spend theirs. >> let me be clear. i don't have a joke. >> it happens to the best of us. >> mike: wayne when i was talking to mr. adelson one of the questions i asked was how he had seen las vegas change over the years. what are the changes you have seen in terms of the positive changes6@ and why should people across the country say, you know habit that would be a great destination for us? >> i think that when i came here at the age of 15, we had a population of about 80,000 people. we now have 2 1/2 million people who live and survive and bring their families up and support this city and the state.
11:34 pm
it has changed a lot in terms of conglomerates coming in. in terms of publicly held companies becoming involved in las vegas. and of course, the new expansion of the city center is a perfect example of that >> mike: governor what is the way to make this entire region -- specifically las vegas, once again thrive, not withstanding some more comments from the president? >> well if we can do away with the president even coming or talking about las vegas, we'll be a lot better off. [ applause ] >> what he we need to do is bring more tourists here. we need to get the word out that las vegas is a great city to come, play, live, to raise a family this is a community like no other. with we need more tourists. we need to build the economy back up. . the only way is to spread the word about the great people like wayne newton and frank
11:35 pm
here who make las vegas both fun and a great place to live. [ applause ] >> mike: frank, any final words from you or someone you might have brought with you? >> there's a guy doing a good segue. i don't like segues, i fell off one once. i tell you what, which one is my camera. talk to it knucklehead. another guy pointing to another one. i'm gonna do all of 'em. come to las vegas or you're knucklehead. i'm going to did it over here now friending like you never saw it. what is in this box, this box that rocks. come to las vegas or you're a knucklehead, knucklehead. >> mike: thank you very much frank, wayne newton, governor gibbons of they vase .
11:36 pm
-- gibbons of nevada. we will be right back with much more. >> announcer: next, the cast of jersey boys with a of jersey boys with a medically of hits from frank i am rachel. i have t kids, three dogs, a husban, and a lot of laundry. i was given a bounce dryer bar and asked to try it out and then answer few questions. the bigget thing was that it's effortless. you stick it and forget it. by not putting in the dryer sheet, it's just one less thing that i have to do. i love the smell. it's light, it's fresh. the bounce dryer bar makes my life easier, and i really apeciate tat. bounce dryer b gives you automatic freshness and satisfaction guaranteed or we'll give you your money back.
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. >> mike: it won the tony for best broadway musical in 2006 and has since been a smash all
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over the world, including right here at the venetian sister hotel the palazzo. jersey boy the story of four blue collar friends who started on streets of newark and ended up in the rock and roll hall of fame. here as frankie valli, deficient may and jeff lebo, the jersey boys. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ your' just too good to be true, can't take my ices off of you ♪ you would be like heaven to touch, i want to hold you so much ♪ at lange last love has arrived ♪ and i thank god i'm alive ♪ you're just too good to be true ♪
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oh what a night why it takes so long to see the light seems so wrong now it seems so right ♪ ♪ what a night what a night ♪ ♪ ♪ oh what a night oh what a night ♪ oh what a night ♪ ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> mike: they love ya! wow, ladies and gentlemen, jersey boys, great cast, thank you very much. we will be right back!
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. [ applause ] >> mike: our audience here has been fantastic. frank caliendo, wayne newton, robin leech have agreed to join me. we are going to have a little fun by taking questions from out here in the audience. anything that you want to throw at us, we are ready for. we're going out here. meg begin has one of the microphones. who do you have? >> my question is for frank. request you -- can you do an impression of my dear friend wayne newton?
11:49 pm
>> i cannot. i've tried. >> we could get wayne to stand behind you. >> robin leech is funnier than me now. that's unfair. i grew up watching robin leech i loved lifestyle of the rich and famous when i was a kid. hello i'm robin leech welcoming you to the lifestyles of the rich and famous the only show that lets you see everything that you will never be good enough to have! [ applause ] >> if that's how i sound i apologize. >> mike: who else have we got? >> this is essie from san diego. >> governor, i wanted to ask you, are you nervous about your daughter's wedding? >> right my daughter is getting married next tuesday. am i nervous? [ applause ]
11:50 pm
>> mike: i'm scared to death about the whole thing. i'm thrilled. fortunately for her, i like the guy that helps a lot. but the thing that i found -- someone sent me a t-shirt that summed up the whole experience it says father of the bride, three ups, pay-up, show-up, shut-up. that's all i got to do. [ applause ] >> vegas is the best place to have a wedding. >> we thought but bringing her here and let elvis do it. it didn't appeal to her. i liked the idea. back up here in the crowd. >> this is bob from washington. >> washington, d.c. i want to make myself very clear if i could. i'd like to direct this to robin or any of the panel. i wanted to find out, [ unintelligible ]
11:51 pm
>> this is obviously yet one pore politician who talks from both sides of his mouth simultaneously. and you still can't under stafrpbd what they're saying. -- understand what they're saying. >> mike: we sucker punched you robin. that derwood he's mr. double-talk we've had him on our show. derwood [ applause ] >> mike: he really should run for congress he makes more sense than most of them do. >> this is chris from houston. >> that's a hard act to follow. governor, i guess you heard that woody allen said that president obama should be dictator for a while.
11:52 pm
what do you that? >> woody allen has said a lot i wouldn't agree with. i would add that to the list. wonderful thing about this country, we don't have dictators we have elected representatives and people who lead us. but they don't own us. liberty is still what makes us unique as americans. so with all due respect to mr. allen, he's a great comedian and a talented writer and a funny person. but i'm gonna let his politics -- >> woody allen likes the idea of a dictator why doesn't he move to venezuela, north korea -- >> mike: good point. >> health loan from arizona. >> hi. -- helen from arizona. >> hi. wayne i to say this, you are still too cute. [ applause ] >> and i have a question, would you please sing danke schon?
11:53 pm
>> how many times? >> i can't count 'em. i have in case you couldn't picture up in maine and it has been raining the whole time. and so, i'm -- i have a little laryngitis. but -- >> however -- danke schon, thank you for -- >> i tell wayne. we are not going to make you strain your voice. if we could get you maybe to do a musical number with us. would that work? >> no thanks.
11:54 pm
>> mike: wayne what do you have in mind? >> governor would you consider playing something with me in terms of a instrumental or something? >> mike: if it is easy. it depends on what it is. >> i watch your show all the time, i'm a big fan. but i've never seen you play anything like a classical nature. >> mike: there's a reason wayne that's complicated music. [ laughing ] [ >> if i played the violin and -- could i get you to play bass? >> mike: i've ruined other songs, okay. [ applause ] >> of course having to follow the jersey boys is a lot of fun. would you just pick up the
11:55 pm
tempo a little bit or you know, -- >> mike: don't pick it up too much i got to keep up with you guys. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
11:56 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> thank you! [ cheering and applause ] >> mike: thanks to frank, robin and wayne and all of our very special guests. sheldon adelson of the venetian hotel the jersey boys and all the folks who have
11:57 pm
been with us tonight. thank you this wonderful audience. i hope you have had a great time. we've had a great time. come to vegas! it is fighting back and it is it is fighting back and it is ready for boss: our breakout ses gonna be great. got the gecko t-shirt... "4 million drivers switched!" gecko water bottle... notebook... chamois... gecko: sir, i feel a little bit uncomfortable with all... you know... with all this. i mean, it's not about me. should be about how geico's the third-largest car insurance company in the nation. things like that. boss: oh, of course! we're not gonna get carried away. gecko: uh...yeah... all right as long as we don't overdo it. vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. my feet are killing me... you should get some custom fit orthotics. i can't afford that. now you can... oh ! dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic center... ( woman ) you have flat feet... i do ? ( man ) orthotic 430 is recommended. it recommends the custom fit orthotic that's best for your feet, guaranteed.
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